Red Velvet Gourmet Spice Rub and Seasoning Recipe Book

Red Velvet Gourmet Spice Rub and Seasoning Recipe Book
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This cook book was designed to showcase the versatility of this unique gourmet spice rub and seasoning by offering satisfying, mouth-watering dishes that are easy to prepare and heart healthy. The flavors and ingredients are bold; the presentation is perfection; and the taste of each recipe is unique, distinct and delicious. These recipes make cooking a joy and a journey.

There's something in this cookbook for everyone - and that's no accident. There are recipes that are kid friendly; party appropriate; lunch luscious; dinner worthy; down home delectable; brunch savvy; calorie conscious; and veritably vegetarian.

Dishes like Patata Dolce Frittata; Cadillac Tuna Salad; West of Manhattan Chowder; Sassy Beans and Rice; and Classic Meatloaf and Unclassic Sliders will become your new favorites. There is even a recipe for a pineapple dessert and a spiced martini. And don't forget about the Red Velvet Signature Party Wings - they will leave you bedazzled.

Lastly, you will learn that the secret to grilling the perfect steak, fish filet, chicken breast, pork chop, or duck breast is no longer a secret. It all begins and ends with Red Velvet Gourmet Spice Rub and Seasoning. This is one recipe book you must add to your collection; and Red Velvet Gourmet Spice Rub and Seasoning is one spice blend you must keep on hand. With so little spice there are so many possibilities!

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